Featured Finish: Encausto Plaster
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Decorative Plasters and Paints

One of the advantages of using a decorative Plaster or Paint is that one can create a bespoke look. Also, unlike wallpaper, a Decorative Plaster can be applied to achieve a Seamless look and feel. For example, certain decorative plasters allow you to create a fairly accurate imitation of various natural surfaces, like natural stone […]

Achieving the desired Style

Any decorative plaster or Decorative Paint can dramatically transform a property’s style and look. Whether you wish to have a Classic, Modern or Contemporary design, there are a whole range of finishes that you need to consider in order to maintain continuity in your home. One of the tips is that Ideally each room should […]

Plasters and Paints

There are many types of decorative materials, plasters and paints that you can choose from that will allow you to achieve a decorative effect. Each material will give a unique look to the room therefore elements such as building style, room height and room size, are to be taken into consideration when deciding which decorative […]
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