Decorative Plasters and Paints

One of the advantages of using a decorative Plaster or Paint is that one can create a bespoke look. Also, unlike wallpaper, a Decorative Plaster can be applied to achieve a Seamless look and feel. For example, certain decorative plasters allow you to create a fairly accurate imitation of various natural surfaces, like natural stone and natural marble. The cost of natural stone and marble are quite high and not everyone can afford this finishing option, however with the help of decorative plaster you can create an artificial imitation of stone, marble and other natural materials, not only visually but also, due to its texture, to the touch and feel. Other advantages of using decorative plasters are:

• High Strength: Decorative plasters are resistant to mechanical stress
• Health safety. There are no harmful components in these plasters.
• Fire resistance.
• Good adhesion with most types of surfaces.
• Moisture resistance. Most of these plasters are perfect for finishing rooms with a high level of humidity.

Many designers these days tend to request seamless finishes, and we at Epoca Decor can achieve this by using specific good quality Decorative plasters. For more information please visit our website, or email us on [email protected].

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