Achieving the desired Style

Any decorative plaster or Decorative Paint can dramatically transform a property’s style and look. Whether you wish to have a Classic, Modern or Contemporary design, there are a whole range of finishes that you need to consider in order to maintain continuity in your home. One of the tips is that Ideally each room should follow the overall style of the building to prevent inconsistency. However, this certainly does not mean having the same specific decorative material and effect in each room.

There are many design variations for each period, characterised by similar features. Another interesting aspect of decorative materials and that it is important to remember is that most of these materials make it possible to not only create the desired effect and style but also to create texture and feel, even to the touch.

Some of the decorative materials come alive not because of the colour but because of its texture properties, and therefore this will dramatically affect the style that you wish to achieve. Once you choose the colour and style of furniture and of the flooring we can then help you to choose a decorative plaster or paint that compliment or enhance the desired style. Some amazing and stylish finishes that Epoca Decor can offer are: Velvet Effect plaster, Textured Plaster, Corten – Oxy Rust effect plaster, Pearl effect Paint, Metal effect plaster.

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