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We specialise in the installation of Venetian Plaster & Decorative Wall Finishes

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All of our materials come in many shades and colours and when used in combination with each other the choice of effects becomes endless.


Find some of the many projects we completed using different decorative materials and textures.

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Mr and Mrs W.
Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting with you.
I will now start showing off our new wall… truly a work of art
Mr and Mrs S.
Well done Ben . We are very satisfied with
your work. It’s a piece of art in our home . Thank you.
Mr and Mrs D.
Well done again – We really loved your work. 
Thank you.


Decorative Plasters and Paints

One of the advantages of using a decorative Plaster or Paint is that one can create a bespoke look. Also, unlike wallpaper, a Decorative Plaster can be applied to achieve a Seamless look and feel. For example, certain decorative plasters allow you to create a fairly accurate imitation of various natural surfaces, like natural stone […]

Achieving the desired Style

Any decorative plaster or Decorative Paint can dramatically transform a property’s style and look. Whether you wish to have a Classic, Modern or Contemporary design, there are a whole range of finishes that you need to consider in order to maintain continuity in your home. One of the tips is that Ideally each room should […]

Plasters and Paints

There are many types of decorative materials, plasters and paints that you can choose from that will allow you to achieve a decorative effect. Each material will give a unique look to the room therefore elements such as building style, room height and room size, are to be taken into consideration when deciding which decorative […]
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