Plasters and Paints

There are many types of decorative materials, plasters and paints that you can choose from that will allow you to achieve a decorative effect. Each material will give a unique look to the room therefore elements such as building style, room height and room size, are to be taken into consideration when deciding which decorative material is to be chosen.

For instance, one of the most famous decorative plasters which is called Venetian Plaster (or Stucco Veneziano ) – which is made from slaked lime and fine marble powder, once applied , the Venetian plaster will remain breathable thus eliminating the possibility of trapped moisture within the plaster. You can also use Synthetic plasters which are available on the market that can create the same appearance, look and shine of the lime based Stucco Veneziano but do not have any breathability properties.

Should you wish a decorative material which is fully waterproof, to be used for instance in a bathroom, these too are available and can be installed in a way to create a seamless and bespoke look.

One of these products is called Micro Cement and it can be finished in various colours and shades, smooth or textured, matte, semi matte or gloss. We at Epoca Decor can assist you and help you to choose the correct material in order to achieve the desired effect and style that you wish.

Other breathable and non-breathable plasters that Epoca Decor can install are: Marmorino, Encausto Fiorentino, Corten – Oxy Rust Effect Plaster.

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